About Babyparking

The main purpose is to keep track of the entries of the children and the assigned chaperones, monitor the permanence time in the area and extrapolate updated information about the use of the area.

This software enables to maintain an accurate traceability of any entry and leaving.

Every child’s entry is registered: entering hour, personal data of the child, personal data of the assigned chaperon.

As a result, when the child leaves the parking area it will be possible to verify also the personal data of the chaperon and, among all the minors associated to the chaperon, see which child has already been registered on that day.


The project includes a security system to protect personal data of both children and chaperons. The database is protected with login password and, in order to maintain a high level of security, for every user authentication personal credentials (username & password) will be requested.

The software enables a multi-user access which allows several users to utilize it simultaneously.

Among the other functions, price list management is also included. This function includes a summary table of services that can be edited according to the contract owned by each baby area, for example subscriptions, submission of shopping center receipts, insertion of free hours with specific timetable. In this way it is possible to define a basic price for the portion of time as well as price change criterions.

A birthday section is also provided: by filling the children’s personal data the birthdate is automatically added to the dedicated section. This is a useful feature for the management of promotions and customized advertising campaigns.