The main function of the software is the database of children and chaperons.

At the first entry of the child in the baby parking, the people in charge of the kid area will register child’s personal details: name, surname, residence and birthdate. They should verify that the minor has the minimum requirements for  having access to the baby parking area (i.e. minimum and maximum age).

In addition to minor’s information, it will be necessary to fill the text field about child’s reference people, the only ones authorised to pick up the child.

The latter -only adults-are registered with their own personal details together with mobile number, relationship with the kid, fidelity card number and email address.

The child and adult databases are directly connected one to the other. It is possible for each child to have more then one reference person and vice versa.

In order to reduce the waiting time during the registration of members and to make the procedures easier, the software requires the registration through reading the Regional Services Charter.