The software dedicated to all baby parking areas

About Babyparking

The main purpose is to keep track of the entries of the children and the respective chaperones, monitor the permanence time in the area and extrapolate updated information about the use of the area.

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The main function of the software is the database of children and chaperons.

At the first child’s entry in the baby parking, the people in charge of the kid area will register child’s personal details: name, surname, residence, birthdate and email. They should verify that the minor has minimum requisites to be in the baby parking area (i.e. minimum and maximum age).

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Once the child and the chaperon are successfully registered, the minor can enter in the baby parking area.

In this phase an access reminder is printed and given to the child’s chaperon.

For each future entry, the operator will be able to research the name of the child and, among the identified chaperons, check who is dropping and who is picking the child up.

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Leaving the area

The check-out allows an automatic registration of the child’s permanence is the baby parking area.

When the child leaves the area it is possible to search the minor among the accesses registered during the day. Once the child is been found in the database, it is necessary to check the documents of the person willing to pick the child up and verify if they are authorized.

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The software has a specific section for report creation.

It is possible to evaluate the development of the baby parking area by filtering the entries according to time, day and month slot. Thanks to the filter used by the software, it is possible therefore to measure the development of the area calculating the mean of the entries by the specific day of the week.

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